Was it really a tornado?

I’m not sure if any of you have heard, but a tornado went through La Vega yesterday. Here’s an article from today’s newspaper telling about the storm.

Tornadoes hit three provinces
At least one death was reported and several people were wounded as tornadoes struck La Vega, Santiago and San Pedro de Macoris yesterday afternoon. The Dominican Republic does not have a tornado warning system because they are such a rare occurrence. The only reported fatality, Mercedes Torres, 62, died while being treated for her injuries after being crushed and trapped by a collapsing wall in her home. Four others were slightly injured by the storm that hit La Vega at 2:40 in the afternoon with high winds, hailstones and heavy rain. In Villa Gonzalez, Santiago and San Pedro de Macoris, the strong winds tore roofing materials off several houses. Reports also filtered in from San Francisco de Macoris telling of more dwellings damaged. Luis Luna Paulino, the chief of the Dominican Civil Defense told El Nuevo Diario reporters that, so far, only one fatality has been reported.

I was to be at the coast when the Tornado hit, soaking up the sun and watching the group I was with play in the waves. I never ever would have guessed that back in La Vega my friends were getting pelted with large hailstones inside their homes, that Obed and Rosmary’s entire roof got torn off their house (the third floor of the building complex I live in), that half of the schools’ third floor roof blew off, or that other friend’s lost their roofs as well. I still can’t imagine it all happening even though I’ve seen the after effects. Please pray for those who lost their roofs, homes, and valuables that their needs will be provided for. And praise God with us that He kept so many people safe. Here’s a picture of Obed and Rosmary’s house….. as you can see the roof came completely off. Rosmary and Zion were in the house when it happened and were fortunately able to get over to their neighbors house safely. Here's a picture of the railing the tin roofing knocked over as it blew off before landing on the community center and walkway below it.
If you look closely at the TEARS school you can see where the roofing is now nonexistent.

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