Famous Baseball Players

A few major league baseball players visited the barrio yesterday teaching the kids a few skills and sharing the gospel. Just thought I'd share a few photos.


Christmas and New Year's

If you haven’t heard, my dad came to visit me for the holiday’s. He didn’t make it on Christmas day because of the crazy weather in Portland, Ore., but was here for New Years and my 31st B-day. We did a bit of exploring; went up to Constanza (a beautiful city up in the mountains), spent a week at a beach town called Cabarete, and visited another beach town called Samana, famous for whale watching. Besides the adventures we visited people in the barrio, had a little New Year’s party at my house, and ate lots of good food. Other than hanging out with me dad during the holiday’s I did a lot of holiday baking, lots of relaxing, received lots of great Christmas and b-day presents, and lots of eating!

My New Kitten

Just before Christmas I went up to the Travesia for a few days and besides being gifted with good food and coffee, I was also given a kitten from my friend Mari. Her neighbor kids referred to the kitten as “El Mas Feo” (The Ugliest), but I think he’s cute. He’s quite a handful though. He wakes me up a few times in the night trying to get on the bed, cries when the sun comes up because he’s hungry, and cries whenever he’s not eating, sleeping or playing because he wants me to hold him. I never know a little kitten would require so much attention.…. I can’t imagine how much attention a baby requires. I know this sounds silly but I have a lot more respect for moms.