A great day in Cabarrete

When I need a day away one of my favorite places to go in this country is Cabarrete. It’s a small beach town about 2 ½ hours away, with lots of good restaurants, a fairly quiet beach, and a nice French bakery that makes the best whole wheat bread in the Dominican Republic. I went there for a day a few weeks ago and now that I’m feeling a bit stressed with all the short term mission teams it’s nice to just reminisce a bit. These pictures are calming.


The lovely Travesia

I was just going through some photos I've taken over the past few weeks and was reminded of how much I love the Travesia. Though the hike is always incredibly hard I’m never disappointed when I make it to the top. The view is beautiful, the people are so hospitable and loving, the kids never stop giving me hugs, there’s always fresh coffee that was grown there, handpicked, roasted and ground by hand, and so much more.