Getting around in the D.R.

A Dominican ThingIt might surprise you, but lots of people returning from the mission field have trouble adjusting to their home culture. Feelings of loneliness, depression, and disorientation are all common. Thankfully I have a number of good resources, like a book called Re-Entry by Peter Jordan, and people I can talk to if things get difficult. 
One thing I have noticed is that I feel sad whenever I have to drive somewhere by myself. Though the picture above is not very common, it was common for me to travel around on the back of a motorcycle taxi while in the D.R.. Every time I went to town I had the driver to talk to. Or even if I walked to town I would never make it all the way there without being stopped by one or two friends who were also walking somewhere. So yes, getting around in the states is a bit lonely for me. Hopefully I’ll be able to find someone to carpool with soon!


Allergic Reactions

I went to visit my dad in the recovery area after his successful back surgery when I suddenly felt a bit dizzy. I tried to stay focused as the nurse gave me care instructions but when everything went fuzzy and black I interrupted her and found a place to sit down. After a few minutes I felt fine again yet I was a little disturbed as to why I got dizzy.
The nurse laughed at me when I told her I might have an allergic reaction to hospitals, and yes I know it sounds a bit bazaar. Yet the only times I can remember getting dizzy or sick like that during the past three years have been when I was with someone else in a hospital. Once I was with a team leader who had kidney stones, as the nurses were caring for her I suddenly felt sick and quickly occupied the other bed in the room. Another time, a few months ago, I was caring from my friend at the hospital, but about midnight I got sick and spent the night emptying out my stomach as well as trying to be a help to her. And then once again yesterday, while getting instructions on how to help my dad. Is there any connection here? Could I be allergic to hospitals???

First Impressions

I’m back in the U.S.A. now, slowly getting rested up and attempting to transition into the American culture. Here’s a few of the the things that have stuck out to me so far……

So many paper towels: Lots of my friends who have returned from overseas get overwhelmed in grocery stores, by the vast variety, especially on the cereal isle. I’ve never really had this problem. However, during my first trip to the closest Fred Meyers I was a little shocked that half of a very long isle was full of paper towels options. Why would anyone need so many different paper towel choices!?!

Seat belts!?!:  My dad was speeding in a construction zone so it made since to me why the police officer pulled him over and asked for his license, but why did she ask for mine? She informed that I didn’t have my seatbelt on right and could give me a $200+ ticket. I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t realize there was a wrong way to wear a seatbelt. I thought as long as it was buckled in it was the right way. Well now I know, a new law was passed a few years ago and it’s highly against the law to put the seatbelt under you arm!

Bathrooms and faucet water: A little thing that makes me happy every time I leave the D.R. are the bathrooms. Even the bathrooms on airplanes are great; warm water to wash your hands with, clean water to brush you teeth with, and decent tubing which allows you to flush t.p.! 

Noise Please: The peace and quiet is almost annoying. I’ve been at my dad’s house for a few days now and haven’t seen any of his neighbors, their pets, or moving vehicles. It’s almost hard to sleep without dogs barking, music playing, or motorcycles buzzing by!

Good Eats: One thing that I definitely love about the states are all the great food options. I’ve already had Korean barbeque, fish and chips, an espresso milkshake, and some tasty salads. I look forward to Thai food, Indian, Moroccan, and so much more!


Quick Travesia Trip

Even though I’d already said goodbyes to all my friends in the Travesia a few weeks ago I couldn’t pass up getting a ride up there to say goodbyes one more time. Bau had to check on a work project up there, so nine of us headed up in the giant red ministry truck for a quick day trip. I visited as many people as I could, drank lots of coffee, ate lots of bananas, took some pictures, and enjoyed a great rice and beans lunch. It was a beautiful day up there (cloudy but no rain)…. so glad I got to go up there one more time. DSC_0050DSC_0006 DSC_0018

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