Getting around in the D.R.

A Dominican ThingIt might surprise you, but lots of people returning from the mission field have trouble adjusting to their home culture. Feelings of loneliness, depression, and disorientation are all common. Thankfully I have a number of good resources, like a book called Re-Entry by Peter Jordan, and people I can talk to if things get difficult. 
One thing I have noticed is that I feel sad whenever I have to drive somewhere by myself. Though the picture above is not very common, it was common for me to travel around on the back of a motorcycle taxi while in the D.R.. Every time I went to town I had the driver to talk to. Or even if I walked to town I would never make it all the way there without being stopped by one or two friends who were also walking somewhere. So yes, getting around in the states is a bit lonely for me. Hopefully I’ll be able to find someone to carpool with soon!

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