Hard Homework

I’m officially a student again! I didn’t really know what to expect but I am realizing that I expected it to be a little easier than it is. Being able to read all the information, come up with a view, and write about it is something that seems to come naturally for me concerning the bible and religious things, but incredibly hard on other subjects. I laughed the other day when I read Johann Herbart’s definition of “interest”: a person’s ability to focus on and retain an idea in consciousness. According to that definition I must not not interested in many things, because I’m having the hardest time focusing on and retaining anything right now. Thankfully though, I’m told that it get’s easier as time goes on. Eventually I should get used to all the reading and writing. But for now I am really missing the freedom I experienced in the D.R. of only studying things that applied to the present situation I was in. I’m also really missing my little neighbor friends.

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