Allergic Reactions

I went to visit my dad in the recovery area after his successful back surgery when I suddenly felt a bit dizzy. I tried to stay focused as the nurse gave me care instructions but when everything went fuzzy and black I interrupted her and found a place to sit down. After a few minutes I felt fine again yet I was a little disturbed as to why I got dizzy.
The nurse laughed at me when I told her I might have an allergic reaction to hospitals, and yes I know it sounds a bit bazaar. Yet the only times I can remember getting dizzy or sick like that during the past three years have been when I was with someone else in a hospital. Once I was with a team leader who had kidney stones, as the nurses were caring for her I suddenly felt sick and quickly occupied the other bed in the room. Another time, a few months ago, I was caring from my friend at the hospital, but about midnight I got sick and spent the night emptying out my stomach as well as trying to be a help to her. And then once again yesterday, while getting instructions on how to help my dad. Is there any connection here? Could I be allergic to hospitals???

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