Free Salami Anyone?

Elections are just a month away so the candidates are getting busy trying to win the hearts of the people. The political party presently in power (PLD) sent trucks full of food to all the barrios in La Vega this morning. People were lined up to get bags full of things like rice, oil, sugar, and seasonings hours before the truck actually arrived in their barrio.
Then in the afternoon a competing candidate (of PRSC) stirred up quite a commotion in our barrio, landing in the field behind my house in his private helicopter, and handing out such things as hats, mosquito nets, baby baskets, and salami. After throwing salami at a number of people and fights started to break out he slowly headed out of the barrio with a caravan of trucks on to other areas of La Vega.

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Joe Bingham said...

This story reminds me of a story up in the mountains that involves canadians and salami...

Am I allowed to say that?