a little bit of soccer

One of my favorite things to do each week is play a little bit of soccer with the teenage girls Obed just started a team for. Though some of my friends in England nicknamed me Maddog for my aggressive soccer skills I’m humbled to say that I’m right at the same level of all these young first time players. It’s fun though to get out on the field, be a little crazy and do my best to get the girls excited about playing sports. After the first practice all the girls came over to my house so I could show them how I make Fimo necklaces, which then turned into a planning meeting for a slumber party they were going to have at my house. We decided to wait till the summer to do the slumber party but did have a fun pizza party instead. Please pray for Obed as he continues to work hard to use these soccer teams as a way to share the gospel with people throughout the barrio, and for me that God will use the relationships I’m forming with these girls for His glory.


ILewis said...

It may seem like forming a girl's soccer team is a very small thing, but Obed and you are doing great things with these young girls. God will be praised!

Contemplating said...

That's awesome Maddog! Sports is an awesome way to connect with kids and building a relationship is the hardest part. But you work well with kids - and the soccor has to be close to nullifying all these pizza parties.