Pizza for Everybody

I just learned how to make pizza 3 weeks ago and it seems to have made life a little bit more fun than normal. In that short time I've already had three different pizza parties, and made it for myself and my neighbors over 5 times. I think some people around here are starting to wonder if that's all I eat.
The first pizza party was with the teenage girls on the soccer team Obed just started... it was a wild dinner party with 16 people in my little house, food everywhere, a crazy funny cartoon movie, and lots of noise. The greatest part was how impressed the girls were by how the dough rose, and then how proud they were that they made pizzas.

The second pizza part was with a smaller crowd, just eight friends from the church, but we had so many visitors coming in and out of my house that night that it felt like I had over 20 dinner guests. Again we had a lot of fun making pizza, as well as playing games and joking around.

And the most recent pizza party was tonight over at Bau and Adrianas house. So much fun.... playing around with the dough, people trying to throw it in the air like seen on TV, running to and from my house so we could use two ovens at the same time, a scary movie and lots of chitchat.
I'm glad pizza making has been such a big hit. If you have any other recipes ideas that would be fun for dinner parties, please send them my way.

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Contemplating said...

Tracy - this is why you're...well I can't say here. But I can say that I'm extremely jealous that we didn't have pizza parties when I was there.

How did you JUST NOW learn to make pizzas?

Burritos are also a fun dinner idea. ;)