More Light in the Barrio

Bau came over the other day and told me that he just got free light bulbs….. it seemed strange but a few minutes later a few guys dressed in red and yellow showed up at my door with a little later and lots of light bulbs. They took out all my light bulbs, smashed them and traded them for more efficient energy saving light bulbs. They went to every house in the barrio doing the same. I didn’t think much of it until that evening when the street power came on after being off most of the day and all of a sudden our barrio was much brighter than I’d ever seen it. These new light bulbs are great, energy saving and very bright! Unfortunately though since that time the amount of street power we’ve been receiving has been very little. I guess there’s a new person in charge of electricity in La Vega, he’s the one who had the idea to give away the new light bulbs. That was a good idea, but it also seems like he’s decided to only turn on our street power a few hours a day now. During the past week we’ve been lucky to get 8 hours of electricity during a 24 hour period, and there’s rarely get enough at one time to make the refrigerators cold or to charge inverters fully.

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