A little Vacation

I just got back from the quickest trip to the states I’ve ever gone on. (Actually I’ve been back for over a week now but just got around to writing about it). I went to Surfside, South Carolina for 5 days, including the two full days of travel. “Why?” you might ask. Well, you see, I have some friends there who wanted to give me a little break…. So they flew me over, put me up in their lovely guest room, took me shopping, took me to a bunch of parties with lots of food, and fed me lots of good stuff. Thanks to the McQuiddy’s for their generosity.
A popular Marshy hang-out spot with lots of restaurants, live bands, and a veiw of Myrtle Beach.
Barb McQuiddy with her daughter and grandbaby.

My last morning there I packed up, left their house by 4:45am, flew to Atlanta where I got some tasty airport food (I went for Multigrain bagels and Seattle’s Best coffee), then off to Santo Domingo, DR. I was met by Darin, Jennifer and Baby Mia …. Great company for the long trip home. Little did any of us know that our 3 hour trip home would become an 8 hour trip home. Yeah, that’s right, the jeep broke down right next to a gas station. After two hours of about 14 Dominican guys trying to fix things we decided to have a tow truck friend pick us up. So a few hours later after trying to get out of paying lots of money to all the people that supposedly worked very hard trying to fix the jeep, the tow truck picked us up and I got to ride back to La Vega in the jeep, on top of a flat bed truck. I felt like I was in a boat which made me a little queasy, and the flashing light from the top of the two truck only made it a bit worse…. So I put the seat back and kept my eyes closed and made it back to La Vega about 11pm without losing my lunch. Definitely something I won’t forget.

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