Fimo Fun

I’ve been experimenting with the idea of making and selling jewelry as a way to get more of an income. Here’s a little description of how I make it.
First I make a basic drawing of what I want to make, pick out all the needed colors of Fimo clay, and soften it by hand.
Then I make the clay into different shapes needed to make flowers, grass, trees, etc.
And start putting all the pieces together like a big 3-D, cylinder shaped puzzle.
I rarely do the whole design in one day, as it can take up to 30 hours, but add to the design little by little.
Until finally it’s all put together!
Then I carefully role it down aiming to lose as little as possible on the ends. Once the ends are cut off I’m left with a cane of Fimo clay that has the same design all the way from front to back.

Then I slice the Fimo cane, cook it in the oven, drill a hole in each piece, sand it, buff it, cover it with a special varnish, then wrap sterling silver wire around it and put it on a silver chain. (Or glue the piece onto a magnet for the refrigerator).

I presently have about 14 different designs, mostly mountain scenes and floral designs. I also make them into earrings, bracelets, and more.

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Christy said...

Tracy you amaze me! I love to see your artwork. I've loved art since I was a child and your work gives me a renewed energy to develop my talents. Thank you for all you do, you really are such a strong influence for good. You are letting your light shine. Keep up the good work!

Sincerely and with love,