Juice Cleanse

A friend of mine is doing a juice feast for an extended amount of time, so I decided to join them by doing a week long juice cleanse. I borrowed a Juice Man Juicer, stocked up on veggies you can get in the barrio (mostly cucumbers and carrots), and started juicing! However, I didn’t realize my low watt juicing machine was too strong for my back-up battery system, so I’ve had a improvise a little bit each time the power goes out. So when I’m unable to juice carrots, beets, cucumbers and other vegetables, I drink herbal teas, lemon water or hand squeezed orange juice. I’m on day seven today and it hasn’t been too terribly hard, just a little time consuming finding and preparing all the vegetables. Also I miss certain foods…. but I look forward to all the physical benefits it’s supposed to do for me!

 DSC_0316 DSC_0311



Rachel said...

What is the purple juice on the top left? It looks really good!

space between said...

Mmmmmm...such vibrant colors...your insides must be smiling:)

Tracy Mullins said...

The purple one was carrot, cucumber, parsley, celery and a little bit of beet. Takes a little bit to get used to.......... but it's so healthy! :)