A Four Year Olds Observations

My little four year old neighbor friend, Gabby, loves coming over to my house  and helping me in the kitchen. If she comes to my front door and can see that I’m in the kitchen she’ll come into my house, move a chair from the living room into the kitchen, stand next to me and start helping me with whatever I’m doing. She’ll do dishes, wash vegetables, help stir stuff, etc.DSC_0300She also likes observing other things I do and have. The other day she was really intrigued by two two-pound pink weights I have. She asked me what they were. (weights). Asked me if they were heavy. (Yes… for a four year old). Asked me what they’re used for. (exercise). Asked me if I use them. (yes, sometimes). Then she came really close, pointed to my bicep, and asked me why my arms were so skinny then. (I laughed out loud). She’s so observant!


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Rachel said...

How funny - my friend's 4 year old was hefting my 2 lb weights the other day too. Tell her they're for exercising your elbow...that's what I use them for. Nothing to do with the bicep, hence no shame. :)
Man, she sure looks like Clari in that last photo! She's getting big!