Goodbye D.R.

Yesterday was my last day in the Dominican Republic. I spent most of the morning packing up my bags and my house (one of my least favorite things to do). I went to visit with a few people in the afternoon and gave out a bunch of random stuff (toys, aprons, pictures, etc.). In the evening I had planned on going to Minerva’s cell group, eating dinner with her and then some friends were going to come over to see me off. Those plans got canceled due to two hours of heavy rain. Instead I finished packing in candle light and had a late dinner at Minerva’s. Around 11:30pm Bau and Idekel and some of Bau’s college friends drove me to the airport and we said our goodbyes. Those last few days were sad days for me but I am thankful for all the good times I had this summer. 
(I didn’t take many pictures of people I saw today, I forgot a few times and some of the ladies didn’t want their pictures taken because they had curlers in their hair, but here’s a few).
Fey in his new hat.

Rosa and family.

Yuneris and her baby girl, Anisha.

Me and the boys at the airport.

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Irene Lewis said...

You are much loved by all!