The Hill

I’ve walked up “The Hill” many times. Last year a group of friends and I would get up early in the morning to make the 90 minute trek there and back about three times a week. Yet it never crossed my mind to bike up it until now.

biking up the hill  (6)

The difference this year is that I have a buddy to go biking with, Brent. (He was an intern last year and this year he’s the TEARS School English teacher). Brent bought a bike right about the time I decided I needed to do at least 20 minutes of cardio exercise a day. Why did I decide I needed to do some exercise? Well, besides that fact that I know I should, I got inspired by my friend Ben who ran at least a mile a day while he was here visiting. (Even when it was super inconvenient).  I’m not much of a runner but I figured I could ride my bike instead.

Being that Brent lives right next to base of The Hill (La Loma), it seemed like a good challenge for the two of us. It took us seven attempts to make it up to the top, which happens to be less time than either of us thought. Since then we’ve made it up to the top two more times and gone on a number of other adventures on the outskirts of town. We’ve made friends with a few local cyclists and I’m hoping to go on a biking adventure to another town with some of them before I leave.

Not only was “the hill” a big challenge for me physically, but also mentally. It took me a while to actually convince myself that I wanted to be challenged; sometimes it just easier to stay in the comfort of my home instead of getting on my bike. However, in the end I’m so glad I kept getting on my bike and hope I can make a habit of challenging myself more often.

biking up the hill  (4)biking up the hill  (12)
At the base of the hill and at the first viewpoint.

biking up the hill  (62)
Our tired red faces.

biking up the hill  (18)
Finally at the top!

biking up the hill  (24)
The little store at the top of the hill…. lots of bikers stop there to buy a bottle of water.

biking up the hill  (25)
Some of the other cyclists. (Brent and I are still working on getting spandex shorts and matching shirts).

biking up the hill  (47)

biking up the hill  (53)The view on the way down (back at the first view point).

biking up the hill  (70)
Back at the TEARS Center just before the sun went down.

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