A Dominican Graduation

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I had the honor of walking  Idekel up to get his high school diploma. That’s right, my little buddy just graduated high school! We’ve been friends since he was six and now he’s all grown up!

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The graduation party was unlike any school party I’ve ever been to or ever heard of. The ticket said the formal dinner for students and their parents started at 8pm. Idekel decided we should arrive at 10pm. Only half of the people were there when we got there but there was a very loud live band and lots of alcohol that parents and their graduates were enjoying together. At 11pm there was some sign of food but they didn’t allow anyone to go through the buffet until 11:35. By that time I was very hungry and tired so as soon as the buffet line started to form I jumped in the line and left Idekel talking to a girl. When he came to join me in line an old man behind me yelled at him for cutting and being disrespectful so I ended up getting my plate of food and eating all by myself. I left the party at 1am just after most people had eaten and were starting to really party. Over all it was an interesting cultural experience!

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The Beckwiths said...

Love the goofy graduation photo! Glad you're having fun back there.