Some of My Favorite Pictures of the Dominican Republic!


Here’s a few of my favorite photos from my time in the Dominican Republic. I took most of them but labeled the ones taken by other people. fDSC_0030The Dominican Presidential Palace.

Plantains at the market, taken by Darin Dueck.

 Young life camp spring 2010 (11)  tDSC_0017  
The young and the elderly.

A beautiful 15th birthday party, taken by Darin Dueck.

Picture 001
Dominican’s love to laugh.

Picture 003
On their way to church.

_DSF0241 6-1-07  Avocados for sale
My neighbor Maria, taken by Darin Dueck. Everybody’s dad, the avocado vendor.

A little bit of gambling taken by Darin Dueck.

Picture 004
My favorite place to buy fruit.

Guy time. 

minerva 5-25-08 travesia NY team and more 080 fDSC_0402
My best friend Minerva and another friend getting her nails done (very popular thing to do, and it’s cheap too).

November photos 533
Girl time.

They “helped” paint the blue building.

7-25-08 205



The mountain village called El Travesia.


DSC_0050 1DSCF0409 
Fresh coffee berries and dried ones too.

tracy 1DSCF0218

DSC_0419 DSC_0236
Fresh roasted coffee mountain style.

 Tracy 1DSCF0341 

January 2009 photos (4)

Haitian school in La Vega.

January 2009 photos (192)


The lovely Ocean!


Keith and Jen said...

Tracy! What made you decide to post these right now??? Homesick? Organizing photo files on your computer? Using them for a school project?

Whatever the reason - they are amazing. LOVE them. Thanks for posting.


Tracy said...

I forgot to mention that I posted these for a Geography class project. But yes, I am homesick too!