In my opinion, this country is obsessed with cleanliness (in a good way). Women often mop their floors numerous times a day and completely flood their houses with water at least once a week. And unlike me, almost everyone showers at least twice a day and three or four times on a hot day. So after nearly ten days without water people seemed pretty desperate and grumpy. Luckily, we started to get water in the faucets again this morning. People from the back of the barrio who don’t get much water pressure filled the streets today with their gallon jugs and buckets, stocking up on this valuable resource any way they could.  DSC_0906DSC_0905DSC_0909


Elizabeth said...

How much does one jug of water weigh? I saw the photo of the little boy with 8 jugs and it looks heavy. Do you think there will ever be new clean pipes?
Arthur, Grade 2, BPS

How did the boy attach the jugs to his bike?
Brian, Grade 2

How does he ride with all those jugs on his bike?
Cole, Grade 2

Tracy Mullins said...

Hi Arthur,
Most of the jugs are 1 gallon, but the buckets can be up to 5 gallons. I imagine that someday there will be new clean pipes but I can't imagine it happening for another 20 years or so.

Hi Brian,
I think that boy used small peices of rope to connect two jugs together and then hung them over the handlebars.

Hi Cole,
I don't think he rides the bike when the jugs are full of water... it is too heavy to ride. He just pushes it to his house and drops off the water jugs.