Stuck in Texas

I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life that were a little embarrassing to say the least. Like the time I chewed on a vitamin C tablet that was supposed to be added to water to make a fizzy drink. And the time I missed my airplane because I didn’t know the English set their clocks ahead for daylight savings. But today’s little incident was by far the worst.

The morning started off well as I got to the PDX airport right at 4am. I enjoyed a nice mocha with my dad and then had a pretty uneventful flight to Dallas. It wasn’t until I was getting money out to by some Texas sized ribs that I noticed my passport wasn't where it should be. After thoroughly searching I went back to the airplane..... but it wasn't there either. After a few phone calls I was relieved to know it was in the hands of a nice man named Randy (security check guy) ...... in Portland ..... that's when I started crying a little bit. Randy told me he would take it to the lost and found office in PDX by midnight, so I could call the lost and found tomorrow and figure out how to get it from them. ...... that's when i started crying lots.

Fortunately the American Airlines lady that helped me look up and down the airplane isles was very nice and helpful.......... and together with her friend at PDX and another lady my passport is supposed to be on an airplane at this very moment and should arrive at 6:10pm tonight. After I pick that up I’ll head off to an inexpensive hotel where I’ve been given a distressed passenger rate. Then if all goes as planned I'll head to Miami at 9am tomorrow and then on another airplane that should get me to the Dominican Republic by 9:35pm.

So the past few hours have been a bit stressful, but it wasn’t so completely horrible. I mean, I did have time to  get a nice plate of Texas sized ribs and meet a few nice people! And now I have something to blog about. :)DSC_0757DSC_0756

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Rachel said...

Oh Tracy! How frustrating! I'm glad you were able to locate your passport without too much trouble. You deserve a nice big helado when you arrive back in La Vega!