Big store, small town

With a large grocery section, clothing area, home decorations, pharmacy, restaurant, frozen yogurt shop and more; La Sirena (the Mermaid), is now the largest store in town. Thousands of people, including two friends and myself, headed over to the new store this past weekend to take advantage of all their sales and their large selection. Though it was hard to see everything through the masses of people crowding the isles I was happy to find that I can now purchase frozen green peas, cottage cheese, couscous, nice wheat bread and jasmine rice here in La Vega!DSC_0225


space between said...

How fast did that go up?! Woo hoo...so many goood foods right in La Vega now!

space between said...

Happy 4th!

Rachel said...

Whoa! The 21st century has come to La Vega! That's awesome.